Creating lasting leadership and professional development


The Professional Leaders Acadmey is a one-year professional development and training program. Candidates are trained to effectively advocate on behalf of their communities or take a leadership role in the public sector.

The Women’s Leadership Program is open to candidates attending the Emerging Leadership Academy program and Youth Leadership Academy.


The Women’s Leadership Program provides training in the unique challenges for women in political and public life. WLP is open to candidates attending Emerging Leaders and Youth Leadership Academies.

The Youth Leadership Academy is a 2-3 year program


The Youth Leadership Academy is a 2-3 year program. Students begin with a weeklong leadership academy training in Washington, D.C. Following the training, students will be placed in a paid internship position of their choice.


I. Background Information
Liberty and Access for All (L+A ) is a nonprofit organization based in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. We are a nonpartisan nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering communities of color and traditionally underrepresented communities by fostering meaningful civic engagement and participation, supporting the creation of a truly representative media and democracy and providing critical resources to nurture the next generation of leaders. We accomplish these goals at LIBERTY by providing trainings, mentorships, valuable work experience and low-cost or free educational resources to program participants. LIBERTY creates partnerships to allow program participants to draw from the diverse range of experiences of leaders in all branches of federal, state and local government, political parties and organizations, the media, and nonprofit and advocacy organizations.

Since its launch in 2014, L+A has served 400 students, providing 10 workshops. In its third year and 3rd phase of its launch, L+A hopes to expand programs and solicits the services of a consultant to raise $50,00.0 by 10/30/2015. And $150.00 by March 1

II. Scope of Work:
Liberty and Access for All seeks a consultant to support its efforts in expanding its funding sources to secure $50,000 by 10/30/2015, and $150,00 by March 1st through the creation and implementation of a fundraising and communications plan.

The consultant will:
• Outline strategies towards, including specific timelines;
• Develop plan and timetable for each strategy, with income benchmarks;
• Identify targeted audiences for reaching the goals through his/her deep knowledge of the local corporate, foundation, and individual donor landscape;
• Implement the plan, including solicitation and/or assignment of solicitation responsibilities to staff, members of the Board of Directors, and other volunteers when appropriate.

III. Submission Requirements
All respondents to this RFP must submit:
• An overview of your company’s (1) background and areas of expertise; (2) experience working with organization with a similar mission; (3) the qualifications of key staff responsible for the implementation of the activities outlined in this RFP; and (4) the successful implementation of a similar project;
• Names, contact information, and a description of the scope of work, including results, for a minimum of three former clients;
• Fee expectations, including marketing needs and budget for each strategy; and
• A letter of good standing.

Please send all materials to Maram Abdelhamid, Founder and President, at . Incomplete applications will not be considered.

IV. Evaluation Criteria
Pricing: 50 points
Experience and qualifications of key staff: 25 points
Recommendations from former clients: 25 points

V. Timeline
This is a 6 month contract to begin 09/01/15 and terminate March/10/15


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What you can do now

Our program is launching fully in 2014. We need your involvement and support! You can help by doing the following:

  • Get your organization to sign up to receive a young leader in your internship or fellowship program. Click here to sign up!
  • Help support our mission and work by giving to Liberty and Access for All. Click here for more information.
  • Support our goals by becoming a mentor.
  • Follow us via our social networking sites below.


Liberty and Access for All (L+A) is new nonpartisan nonprofit in Washington DC that is dedicated to training, mentoring  and developing  the  next generation of leaders from the traditionally underrepresented and communities of color.  Participants in our program may run for office, advocate on behalf of the communities, change the dialogue around issues they care about and make positive lasting impact in their own communities. 

Our Board of Directors are comprised of republicans and democrats who are committed to working together to empower , teach and connect participants in our program to leadership in  Washington DC . Together we believe that people from every political party, every  demographic,  should have a place at the table !